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Grant The Sun- Simmar Ur Bild



Grant The Sun is an Instrumental Prog/Math metal band out of Norway that is releasing its second EP “Simmar Ur Bild” this Friday November 30th.  The four song EP was a groovy, wild rhythmic display of musicianship with some sweet melodic guitar leads here and there. Think of that Mastodon/Meshuggah caveman stoner metal groove but with more melody.  The trio is a solid band that is a part of a pretty unique movement in the instrumental world.  The guys are pretty focused on great pocket grooves and rhythm, rather than the technical side of the instrumental world.


  1. Simmar Ur Bild
  2. Ondskans Vakmastare
  3. Tje Kjonoj
  4. Sjuttonde Maj

If you can read Norwegian, you will understand the track titles.  If not, you’re shit out of luck.


The band is heavy, melodic and groovy.  We need more variety and a diverse selection of artists, and that is part of why I’m into weird subgeneres and instrumental bands.  I get tired of generally hearing the same thing, and want to find something fresh.  I believe Grant The Sun is just that, and then some.  You can check out the title track which recently was premiered online right below.




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