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William Wallace- How Gods Are Made


Prog/Thrash Metal band William Wallace is releasing their album “How Gods Are Made” on October 26th.  Not only is it good, but it’s also a CONCEPT ALBUM which I generally tend to enjoy.  The story is about a warrior who returns home from war all jacked up on adrenaline, only to run into this nasty creature called the Octobeast.  Sounds like the poor guy just can’t catch a break….Every song is representative of a chapter in the story.

William Wallace combines melody, intensity and quite an eerie mood.  There are some sweet acoustic Celtic interludes that make the concept more authentic.  The band’s fire charged emotion makes “How Gods Are Made” a true heavy metal experience.  The sweet guitar leads and occasional guitar duals really tickled my artistic fancy.  It’s a solid album from top to bottom.  Powerful vocals, great drumming and rhythm makes William Wallace a diamond in the rough.  The mix of vocals are great too, more growls than signing.  The singing is great, when needed and it hits the spot.

I’m glad I stumbled across another random band, and have to remember to keep tabs on these guys.  The band’s multi genre blend makes me miss those SYLOSIS guys, since Josh went to be in ArchMEHtects….supposedly they’re not on hiatus but its been years since Middleton joined Architects.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, Sylosis might be as good as dead….:( Wallace helped me fill that void that’s been missing in the metal scene.


William Wallace:

Brandon Garrett – Vocals
Joel Soto – Guitars & Vocals


Jordan Soto- Guitars & Vocals


Aaron Wheeler – Bass

Josh Ruloph – Drums


How Gods Are Made Tracklisting:

Chapter 1- Nautical Depature

Chapter 2- Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 3- Untimely Arrival

Chapter 4- Ashes Of The Tyrant

Chapter 5- Solace In Sadness

Chapter 6- Octobeast

Chapter 7- Ascendant Realm

Chapter 8- Blood Thirst

Chapter 9- Maleficium

Chapter 10- Tower Of Abbeleth

Chapter 11- How Gods Are Made




The band also has a show the day after “How Gods Are Made” officially drops on October 27th.  If you live in the Modesto area go check them out! 43700094_2228901140485443_2677785033858613248_n.jpg


Check out “Maleficium” below!



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