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Inanimate Existence July 2018 Band Of The Month!




Technical/Progressive Death Metallers Inanimate Existence is TMR’S July 2018 Featured Band Of The Month! As promised, they are this month’s showcased band as they placed third in total votes in May’s Battle Royale.  Plus, I fucking love this band.  The California Trio released their 4th album “Underneath A Melting Sky” last year and I am basically obsessed with it still a year later.  Good news is the guys are working on a follow up already.  I initially heard the band on Youtube I believe.  “Calling From A Dream” was when I heard them for the first time and I love the prog death metal mashup with the female vocals! I loved how diverse their sound was on their 3rd album with occasional clean sections and plenty of death metal too, mixed in with clean vocals and gutturals made it very appealing to me.

IE is not a one trick pony and that’s what I dig about the band.  Frontman and guitarist Cameron is a solid guitarist, to say the least.  The band’s latest album showcased his dramatic improvement as a songwriter and guitarist.  He knows how to harness his immeasurable talent, while making his leads very tasty and melodic…..far from boring and not necessarily repetitive.  Oh, and I get to see my homeboys in a few days on the 3rd when they come to town!


Left to Right: Guitars/Vocals Cameron Porras, Drummer Ron Casey, and Bass/Vocals Scott Bradley


In their short time, they have put out some very tasty passages and some great grooves too.  They’re one of the best bands out there on the scene right now, and a huge underdog.  The sky (HA!) is the limit for Inanimate Existence and if given a great opportunity I know they’d wow the masses of  a bigger festival or tour.  Ron Casey holds down the drums impressively every time he steps behind the kit.  Bradley keeps a great rhythm on bass, and also offers a second set of gutturals that gives the band two different voices in their songs.  The guys were initially signed with Unique Leader Records and within the last few years made the transition to the ever potent and rising Artisan Era record label.


I hope everyone digs IE, checks out their music and makes it to a show! They’re currently tearing it up with The Last Of Lucy and Fields of Elysium! Hope to see some of my local Buffalo metalheads at the show on July 3rd! Stay Tech bitches!








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