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Carnal Decay June/July 2018 Interview

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Switzerland death metal headbangers Carnal Decay are putting out a 7 inch vinyl release July 20th via Rising Nemesis Records (Don’t worry there’s digital versions available too!). The band recently toured Japan in support of the new release, and also talked about many other things.  Their vocalist Michael Kern answered the questions, if you are curious. Enjoy!


TMR: What got you guys into death metal?

It’s that raw, brutal sound that was fascinating to me from the very first time i heard it on until now.

I remember one of the first Bands i heard playing Deathmetal was Cannibal Corpse, back in that time I only knew Hardcore Bands like Sick of it all, Biohazard, my own victim…. and of course I knew Slayer but then there came these Growls, that blasting drum, and those (lets call it) slamming riffs. Just pure Brutality banned on CD. Now we know way more bands, that are faster, catchier and whatever but still it’s fun to listen to some new Albums of Cannibal, these guys are just still the same, like a rock!

TMR: How was the band name conceived and what or how was it influenced?


It’s that word Carnal if you search for that in an English->German Dictionary it means “fleshly”  and also “sensual”, to let these two things decay is like being unhuman…. I always liked Marvel Comics so there’s the match 😀


TMR: What’s it like being a smaller band?

It’s great! As a professional Sound Engineer i see a lot of Bands that are way bigger than my own but for some reason lots of those tours that are coming across the Clubs i work for are missing the fun and the “realness”.

Fake smiles and stressed out musicians is what I see sooo much that I really appreciate doing this all just for the fun of it.

We don’t have a label that’s telling us how to sound like or how many shows we have to play or whatever.

We are right where we want to be.


TMR: Any big dreams or goals for Carnal Decay?


Visiting more countries and play for people that are into our music, that’s it.

Of course to play more shows in different countries we have to make new records and sell those but to be honest I don’t want to be on a race track around the world and just put a needle into every country I played in. I prefer leaving a country with an experience that’s why we always try to make it some kind of holiday when we play abroad and enjoy some sights and food and beers and of course meet new people.


TMR: Who are some of your favorite bands these days? And all time favorites, as well.

I’ve always liked the bands i already mentioned, Biohazard, Hatebreed, Terror and stuff like that are a big influence to me on the Hardcore side, inside Death metal there’s mostly the beginning of 2000’s era that is a big deal for me, Bands like Pyaemia, Severe Torture, Disavowed (I just realized that the first bands getting in my mind are all from Holland) but also Despondency, Inveracity, Gorgasm (Masticate to Dominate aaaaaaaaah yessssss)…. great stuff from that time. I’m pretty much stuck in those days 😀

I hear new stuff but a lot of things dont really catch me that much, part of this is surely because a lot of records are very interchangeable. It’s somehow computerized, you get too much correction and the life gets sucked out of the music itself.


TMR: What are your show plans in the near future? Anything in the works?

21st of July 2018 we’ll be in Spain for the first time! YEAH! Move your fucking brain fest, that one will be in Barcelona! 20th of October in Wermelskirchen, Germany, that’s also going to be a fun one, Birthday bash for an old friend. Later this year 24th of November we’ll hit Belgium again on the “Brutality over Belgium” Festival. Some more shows are in planning we always put that stuff on our Facebook site:


TMR: Did the band intentionally write a few songs for a 7” or was that how many you felt was good for a release? 

Yes we just needed some new stuff and said  “Hey lets make a vinyl only thing”,, now that everyone is just downloading and streaming a CD with such a small cover art is pretty much senseless. So if you pay a cover artist Vinyl is the way to make it worth the money 😉


TMR: Anything for a full length you guys are working on?

We’ve got some riffs but nothing ready to record, we’ve always been kind of slow when it comes to songwriting but now that we live 400km apart from each other it doesn’t really speed things up if you know what I mean. It’s hard to find dates to rehearse and so we’re just taking it easy on that.

And trust me I know there’s ways of being online and send stuff back and forth but we still all prefer the old school way when it comes to songwriting. You can’t cheer each other through skype.


TMR: What bands/artists are you guys keeping an eye on you think are going to be great?

We just played with some great Bands over in Japan that I really like to mention here! “World End Man”, is kind of Misery Index-ish Death/Grind with a lot of drive, very energetic live show and great Musicianship!!!

“Eye Have you” nice Hardcore-Dudes from Osaka, great show, nice people! Really worth a check!!!

“Strangulation” from Tokyo, great dudes, nice tunes!!!


But when it comes to my actual fave album, Malevolence “Self Supremacy” and Enemy Mind “no safe place” are doing the trick for me at the moment 😉


TMR: How did your first few shows in Japan go?

That was a GREAT experience!!!! Those shows were crushing, we had so much fun on stage. Especially Osaka was one of the sickest shows for us since this band is existing, so much positive energy that came back to us from each visitor! So much love and respect. PLUS! The Whiskey was actually great over there 😀 we had that local one where you cant read a sign on the bottle haha.


TMR: What was it like in Japan? Were there any big moments of culture shock or did you guys naturally love it? I’ve kinda wanted to go myself at one point. Where did you guys play and visit before or after shows?

We were mostly in Tokyo and just traveled to Osaka for one show. Well Tokyo was nice but it’s like a lot of big cities in this world, there’s tons of shops, restaurants and bars and because we’re kind of lazy we didn’t find the “real deal” Japanese food. But what I can say is that people are extremely nice and helpful! All those signs that you see in the subway are unreadable to the western civilization but every time we asked someone for help they really try to help out the best they can and they are never too lazy to explain everything as good as they can without speaking the same language!


TMR: What are you guys interested in outside of death metal and music?


Outside of music there’s not that much time anymore, at least for me, as I said earlier I’m a Sound Engineer so that’s my day to day business with music. But I also like snowboarding in winter, going out skateboarding (downhill) in summer or just drive my motorbike around the Alps.

We all like nice views, good drinks and hanging with our friends I guess that is the main thing we’re into 🙂

TMR: Opinions on the second comeback album from At the Gates?


I just had to give it a listen on Spotify…. Well not my cup of coffee, I’m not that Swedish when it comes to death metal, it’s all well played but I prefer vocals to be more brutal and hateful, drums to be blasting and guitars to just slam and chunk, that’s too much melodyfor me in there.

I remember At the Gates to have more drive and not being that “dark” that was the time when I liked it a bit more but to be honest it never really got me.


TMR: What are your favorite albums or eps of 2018 so far? And what are you looking forward to?


I’m really looking forward to every new Band that crosses my path and it doesn’t matter what kind of music they play. If a band does it with passion it can be everything. That’s what I love about my job I see/hear so much new stuff that I don’t get stuck in one genre.


TMR: What are your favorite pieces of gear or instruments/mics past or present? Anything you’d love to own that you currently don’t?


SM58, preferably wireless not because we’re playing the big stages but it’s because I mostly stumble and fall over the fucking cables :-D.

Beside that our guitarist is playing an Ampeg VH140 which is our guitar tone for years now. A great piece of gear! And not easy to find when you’re over here in Europe! I know they go kind of cheap every now and then in the States but they’re close to impossible to reach over here! So anyone has a spare one? Hit me up please!!!!

Our bass player Nasar just got himself a Spector endorsement, nice basses with a good tone. You can hear that on our upcoming 7” 😉

Beside all that we’re a fucking punk rock band. We just play what’s there to play.

TMR: Provide links here whether it’s music related or not for anything you do outside of the band. Thanks for taking the time to chat and best wishes I love your music! 


Thank you very much for the interest in Carnal Decay! We feel honored!


Our Bassplayers Label Rising Nemesis Records:


Here’s some links to our drummers 5000 Bands, give them likes!!! 🙂

Take fucking Action (Grind):

Candero (Brutal death):

Bösedeath (Brutal death):


Of course this one here:


And my own company, if you need a soundguy/Backline for the Road 😉








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