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ISA- Chimera



Chimera is ISA’s debut album with a psychedelic and experimental twist on progressive death metal with a mathcore twist.  It’s a very inconsistent, chaotic and entertaining album from the band mastermind Dan Curhan.  He did all the work for Chimera and holy shit is it impressive.  If you like spontaneity and progressive music that’s not of the norm ISA is a project that is for you.

I’m noticing lately I’ve been getting into more experimental and dissonant prog bands.  Dan’s project covers so many boundaries it’s refreshing.  The songs are layered well and not overdone.  You can get Between The Buried and Me, Pink Floyd and Dillinger Escape Plan all in one song! It’s such a trip I have to say it’s a ride you need to pay to get on and be a part of this adventure.

For a newcomer, ISA has received some decent accolades in its early stages so far.  32837753_2385870768305990_3996162435487629312_n.jpg

As seen above, he has even gotten props from Metal Injection! I wish Dan nothing but the best for his band and his upcoming releases.  The more I heard Chimera, the more I wanted to listen to it in its exact order…….certain albums are best listened to in the order of the songs as they are, and that’s exactly how Chimera should be treated.

The obnoxious part of Chimera puts you in a smooth state of mind when the mellow parts kick in….and then BAM! A huge grindcore or mathcore influenced section kicks in and punches you in the balls (The transition from “Lust” to “Freedom” is a great example)!  Dan’s vocals are very energetic and straightforward.  Not to put in the background of this trip, but he also did the artwork…..he’s gained respect from a fellow artist like myself.  Dan is a multitalented musician who deserves a little bit of respect to say the least which I think is a dying thing these days.

Buy the album right now, and you’ll totally get my drift punks.



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