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TMR May Band/Artist Of The Month Voting!

Here it is….the May artist of the month public vote! Here is how it’s going to run:
1. 10-5-3 format. Looking at a week per group of bands/instrumentalists. 10 bands I choose you vote for in round 1 (THIS WEEK!), then 5 of those bands make it to the second round with the highest amount of votes then the third week is the TOP THREE! Then based upon the last round of bands the winner for May will be the winner OF THE THREE REMAINING BANDS/ARTISTS!
2. If you vote for your own band for the May showcase….well, boo you. Don’t be a pleb and vote for who you want not your own band, damnit.
3. I’m going to do my best to choose a few different types of bands and instrumentalists TMR strives to promote.
4. Also going to base it upon longevity and an established band or instrumentalist. For example….Opeth, Mastodon, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dream Theater and Rush don’t need promotion these bands are popular enough or well established they’re already all over the place. As TMR’S goal states: we want to help newer bands/artists and independents as well.
5. Have fun. Don’t be a dick if you feel differently than someone else.

Now here’s the music for the bands included in the poll.









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