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Augury- Illusive Golden Age

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Augury is a Canadian Technical Death Metal band that is releasing its 3rd album tomorrow March 30th.  The band partnered up with Metal Injection to stream their album today before its official release.


Augury have outdone themselves with Illusive Golden Age.  They are a great band who deserves a lot more respect in the metal genre.  The album is one of the top releases of the year for a million reasons.  It’s definitely the peak of the band’s career so far…..I think it would take a lot to overdo this album on their next release.

The band’s soaring harmonies don’t get lost in an extremely heavy offering. Dominic Lapointe’s bass playing shines throughout the album as it did when he was in Beyond Creation in the past.  Patrick and Mathieu’s guitar playing is equally as impressive throughout Golden Illusive Age.  Antoine’s drumming is very, very entertaining throughout this masterpiece.  He can easily hold down a beat, then go all out crazy the next section.  There’s many great drum fills I enjoyed that made my limbs feel extremely sore just listening to them…..It’s out of this world great.

Augury is:
Patrick Loisel – Vocals, Guitars
Mathieu Marcotte (Humanoid) – Guitars
Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (First Fragment,  ex-Beyond Creation) – Bass
Antoine Baril (Contemplator) – Drums

Patrick’s vocals also add quite a black metal feel to many of their sections as well.  It’s very obvious the band has outdone itself on Illusive Golden Age and only makes you wonder what else is in store for the band after this amazing release.

In regards to the band itself, I conducted an interview with them don’t forget to check it out.  It happened to be the first scheduled interview I had completed, with 2 more on the way.  It was a landmark for TMR and is only the start of many great things for the website.

Augury- March 2018 Interview


Augury has come a long way from their first two albums Concealed and Fragmentary Evidence. As solid as the first two albums are, I also prefer Golden Illusive Age production wise. I think its spectacular! It is leaps and bounds better than the first two production jobs…..what I enjoyed the most is its very clean and not muddy at all.  The mix is great, nothing is left out between the several layers of guitar tracks bass drums and vocals.  Nothing overpowers in any of the songs which is what many producers and bands tend to aim for.



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