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Between The Buried & Me- Automata





Between The Buried and Me have released another spectacular piece of music titled “Automata” an EP.  The rumor has it there is more on the way, the other half to be released around summertime this year.  BTBAM has never disappointed and has only evolved every album they have progressed.  Since the “Parallax” series and the last full length “Coma Ecliptic” the band has progressed into a greater understanding of melody, more singing and more experimentation.  BTBAM has been always very heavy, but lately tailed off in that sense and added many more keyboard and synthesizer parts.  More acoustic and clean guitar tones occasionally, and some string work and more singing as well.  The band can not do any wrong…..but what brought a smile to my face was the heaviness that hasn’t really been around the infamous “Colors” and “Alaska” era…..the heaviest of the heavy for the North Carolina gentlemen.

BTBAM is the epitome of modern day progressive metal, and in general one of the best storytellers lyrically and musically which enhances the stories being told.  They have taken a liking to concept albums starting with the aforementioned “Parallax” EP and full length continuing with “Coma Ecliptic”. Lyrically it seems with “Automata” there is another concept about dreaming and reality.  They are not a dull band and wow you more than just musically there’s some cool vocal melodies, lyrical themes and melodies as well.

Automata is not a departure of any sorts.  Some fans may not be happy with the experimentation they have been doing on the last few releases, but whats the point of releasing the same material every time? Automata is a great start to hopefully the other half is just as promising.  There’s great drumming, bass lines and guitar duals all over the new album.  I can’t honestly say enough good things about Automata.



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