Marc Durkee- Remain In Stasis


Marc Durkee is releasing his album “Remain In Stasis” January 18th of 2019 and it’s a great progressive rock treat! You can also check out a guitar play through of the song “The Dark Dimension” above this sentence.  He is a wealth of talent writing not just all of the music, but also recording it!  He is a jack of all trades, like Steven Wilson…..maybe I shouldn’t go that far, or SHOULD I? His voice is very diverse, he cansing a beautifully sung part and then add some gravel to his voice to give his music and lyrics more emotion.  His approach on guitar reflects his wide spectrum of his voice, which makes a killer combination.


Marc is giving you that “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” look.  He is annoyed because you need to preorder his album to help him keep making great music.

Durkee’s approach is multi faceted and has many sounds blended into his music.  He would be a great support for an Opeth, Steven Wilson or Katatonia tour….simply put he has broad horizons as an artist, and his music clearly reflects it.  Let’s all do the guy a favor and not only grab his upcoming album, but also get his great music out there.  2019 has many solid releases lined up and “Remain In Stasis” should be there the whole time.


Anabasis- Of Conviction


Anabasis is a 6 piece progressive metal band from Syracuse, which is kind of local to us Buffalonians.  “The Chamber” was a really heavy, straightforward banger that was quite a cliffhanger leaving fans in a curious frenzy what was to come next.  And, alas….”Of Conviction” was what was birthed next.  Now if you supported the band’s recent Indiegogo campaign, you “may” have received the album before it’s official release date.  And holy crap, thankfully I did.  The other killer news for the guys is IT IS FULLY FUNDED so that means they’ll be keeping it up for a few more days! You can grab a digital copy, a cd with a digital version, a t- shirt, a female tank top or even all of that swag!  Oh, and all of that together is a mere $35 donation all together….for the quality of music you will be receiving, that’s a fine deal.  And, you can also just donate for the hell of it out of the niceness of your own heart….which would be sweet.  Get on this before the shut down the campaign!

Now onto the actual music and meticulous impressive debut album from Anabasis.  If you like modern progressive music, you may want to step back if your heart and ears are set on classic prog music.  If not open your eyes and ears to this great band.  Anabasis carefully blends classic and modern progressive metal and ambience perfectly right here.  They have fused classic and modern progressive music for prog nerds of all ages.  Anabasis sprinkled some Dream Theater inspired keyboard melodies, some Contortionist and Between The Buried And Me mood changing sections and some good ‘ol Tesseract rhythms here and there.  But wanna know what’s sweeter? They have a totally different take on modern progressive metal.  There are many instrumental sections that are keyboard led and sometimes just the instrument itself.  It’s almost like there’s classical music shoved in their wild sound, somewhere if you can find it.

David Reid – drums; Patrick Young – vocals, guitar; Brad Devore – guitar; Steve Losurdo – piano, synth; Dylan Lundgren – guitar; A.J. Piszcz – bass


What really drew me into Anabasis was how slick and professional they are. The band’s appearance is professional, and not half assed Facebook pictures,  The album is pretty well mixed as well, considering everything they have including vocal and guitar harmonies.  My point is, you aren’t getting a new band with cheap promotion musically and visually.  As you can see above, their artwork is sweet too.  Just like other Western New York locals (and some  favorites of mine) Divinex  Turning Virtue  and Inertia they have that “next level professionalism” for an unsigned band.  All 4 groups have everything I just mentioned, and all should be signed to a great record label that will actually promote them.

OH…..and if you know about our podcast METALLURGY you may have heard a song from the album somewhere in our last episode! OH BOI GET ON IT

Anabasis truly blows my feeble mind at the great music they have crafted and molded into an impressive debut full length.  Unfortunately, I hope they don’t fall down that hole with a great debut (as many bands can pull off) and then waver in and out since that magical debut.  So far, it sure as hell doesn’t look like Anabasis will be in that unfortunate company.  After listening to “Of Conviction” a handful of times already…..I am not sick of it, but am equally as excited for what will follow.  Congratulations to Anabasis on a great album! Well done guys!

The Astral Cadence- Paradigm


The Astral Cadence released “Paradigm” during this past fall in September.  They’re an instrumental progressive metal band with ambient influences.  The trio has a great sound that a lot of these instrumental prog bands generally nail…..great atmosphere and melody.  “Paradigm” is a great representation of the diversity of the band that branches out to several realms of the music world.  They really write music from their heart, and it shows.  The guitar melodies really, really soar for The Astral Cadence.


Sean Washington – Guitars
Dennis Lars Torrent – Bass
Bill Angelini – Drums
The nasty grooves that Bill and Dennis lay down make it easier for Sean on guitar to do his thing on his end that help expand their songs even more.  The trio flawlessly transitions from section to section, helping paint a great picture for the band’s listeners.  The Astral Cadence is a very welcome addition to the ever so growing instrumental progressive metal movement.  The band also got the opportunity to open up for Angel Vivaldi in November on his “Guitar Collective” Tour in November.  Also on that tour is Nita Strauss and Jacky Vincent.  Stay up to date with what the guys are doing as this is only the start of many great things to come.

The Surrealist launch new song “Kaleido”


Instrumental experimental prog duo The Surrealist have FINALLY released the single they were teasing for weeks yesterday December 14th.  As expected, it’s very melodic and well layered when it has to be.  Roopam’s guitar playing is mind blowing as usual and will launch you into another atmosphere.  If you’re not familiar with The Surrealist, then I suggest you get familiar with their music! If you don’t remember they were my featured band from November.  There are no limits on their massive potential and “Kaelido” is another testament to their original and unique sound Roopam has established for The Surrealist. Check out the song!

Inertia- Teratoma




Happy Thanksgiving loyal web creepers! Buffalo’s fine tech death/prog/experimental trio INERTIA has released a fucking monstrous full length that isn’t Weaponex. Both bands have released my two favorite offerings this year from Buffalo bands and shit is it a treat.  Let’s dive balls deep into this wild album, shall we?


Steve Mcintosh- Vocals

Kahlil Sarikey- Guitars/Bass

Doug Griffith Jr.- Drums

I’ve heard their originals, and never saw the band live until I saw them at the GAWD (Greatness And World Domination) CD release show at the Rockin’ Buffalo.  Holy fuck did they leave a lasting impression.  What I love the most about “Teratoma” is how far they’ve progressed as a band, branching out to realms outside of obnoxious riffs and technical death metal.  There’s a ton of clean sections this time around, and Kahlil’s work can not be understated here.  The guy has some of the prettiest melodic chord progressions, and then sweeps all day like its his job.  I can’t get over how clean he plays, it was a damn treat to see it live at the Rockin’ Buffalo.  As a fellow guitarist, I salute you brother!

Inertia is our local Between the Buried and Me/Contortionist mashup.  I really dig these guys because there’s so much watered down music here, and truthfully in any local music scene and they are far from that.  Inertia defies “another metal band” or “another rock band”.  Their music really shows how hard the trio works at composing their music, and transitioning from track to track.


I’m not the biggest fan of modern metal, but the breakdowns that Inertia throws in are tasteful and totally not focused on them….you know those cool “GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP ITS THE BREAKDOWN” annoying brocore kids, that annoying shit.  What Inertia is doing is tasteful….and ART.  You can hear all of modern prog metal and a laid back 70’s prog or classic rock all in one track.  Inertia WILL and give you one hell of a musical ride and shit you won’t want to jump off once you’re on.

Griffith’s drumming demands your attention. I loved how wild this guy gets, and then can dial it back playing tasteful fills in their clean jazzy sections. Steve’s wide vocal range is awfully impressive with some real low gutturals and higher shrieks that fits his band’s sound to a tee.  It’s amazing a band of this artistic caliber isn’t known enough around their own area, and hope everyone outside of Buffalo checks out these guys. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say they could open for BTBAM and The Contortionist on a tour. Yeah, I think these guys are that damn good.  Bands like Inertia are refreshing to someone like me looking for weirder music, and something out of the norm.

Inertia IS hosting a release show in support of “Teratoma” at the Mohawk Place in good ‘ol downtown Buffalo.  $5, $8 day of….come on what reason DO YOU POSSIBLY have to pass up this show? I hope it goes well for the guys, I know I’m gonna make it one way or another.  GO!  It’s November 30th starting around 7pm, featuring ISHKABIBBLE (another local favorite of mine, bassist and drummer instrumental duo they’re wild), Grizzly Run and Allegiant.



Edgard November 2018 Interview



I got a great opportunity to get to know EDGARD a solo artist with a bluesy/prog/jazz style that isn’t technical but very emotion and feel based… Robin Trower.  This guy is  something else man, check out his music ASAP.  Here’s a quick interview and attached are some of his tunes.  Enjoy!

TMR: Explain the history of Edgard and what influenced the band name.

As I’m playing my own original music, naturally I decided that the project would be under my own name Edgard.

TMR: I understand you are working on a debut EP.  How is recording going? Do you have any news you can share?
I’ve recorded my debut Live EP “EDGARD | Live at Bedrock” at Bedrock LA Studios in Echopark. It was an incredible experience to record  4 original songs of mine, live tracking simultaneously all the parts and capturing the moment’s energy. The EP was mixed and mastered by Arthur Luna and features alongside me Brian Singer on bass, Alex Frizzell on drums and Nathan Lorber on keys.
TMR: What made you want to blend so many sounds? I’ve recently listened to your live EP and it’s really cool! Kinda proggy, bluesy and jazzy…like a modern day Robin Trower. 
I’ve always found to write songs in the most distinct  styles and vibes. Through different sounds, portray certain emotions. I appreciate the kind words! Yeah.. my own blend of rock, blues and prog. Funny enough, I enjoy very much Robin Trower!
TMR: Who were your favorite artists growing up? And who are some of your favorite bands right now? Any great gems you can recommend?
I’ve alway been extremely inspired by Jimi Hendrix since I was a kid. Derek Trucks is another huge influence of mine. Jeff Beck, Eric Gales, Mark Lettieri, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan… Check out these amazing artists Marcus King Band and Artur Menezes!
TMR: Are you familiar with the Threatin scandal that’s been taking over the internet lately? That’s the guy that booked his own european tour and supposedly self funded it that has been all a lie.  Any opinions on this insanity?
Yeah, I’ve heard about it. Unbelievable, I’d say. The whole story is messed up. It kind of reflects on nowadays industry demand on expressive numbers on social media and also practices of generating fake digital audiences being banalized. You never know what’s occurring on the other side, though…
TMR: Are there any upcoming shows for Edgard? I assume there has to be something soon to support your upcoming EP release.
I’ve just came back to Los Angeles from a short 3-week tour supporting my debut Live EP release. I’ve performed 3 shows in Rio de Janeiro, my hometown. First at Dumont Arte Bar in Gávea, then at Ganjah Lapa near downtown and finally at Bar Sobe in Jardim Botânico. I’m currently booking new dates and working on more material.
TMR: What is your favorite piece of gear you currently own? And something you are dying to have?
I believe it’s my electric guitar, LsL Custom Saticoy “Kaleo”. She was custom made for me and it’s a delight to play with. 
TMR: How did you get into music? What factors influenced it and did you think you would be doing it as a living rather than just for fun?
I’ve always had music in my life. I’ve picked up the guitar when I was 7 years old and have been developing my own sound ever since. To make music is beyond me. Is my passion, it is who I am. I’d be doing anything different.
TMR: What has been your single most important highlight or event as an artist? And for your band Edgard, as well.
Releasing and performing my own music in my hometown to a packed house with dear friends, family and a warm crowd.
TMR: Your favorite or best show you played? And on the flip side, the worst or most embarrassing show you were a part of?
I’ve performed at a local blues bar called The Sand Dollar Lounge in Las Vegas. We’ve performed for 3h and we were on fire that night. The crowd was amazing, enthusiastic and just kept on buying us drinks onstage. And it wasn’t embarrassing, but a weird cancer it was during a show in Colorado on Christie Huff’s tour. There was a wind storm and everything started to fell apart mid-set. We carried on and finished the songs and kept moving with the set.
Live At The Bedrock EP

Thoren- Gwarth 1


My Thoren buddies are at it again, but with a much more straightforward and equally as fucked up and wild follow up to Brennenburg.  They’re an instrumental project with a shit ton of dissonance, weird rhythms and some jazz influences here and there.  “Gwarth 1” is a wild ride of that, but less experimental and proggier.  Their second born is a much more straightforward and heavier (I’m fairly convinced) offering that can appeal to metalheads with shorter attention spans.  The amazing blend of Gorguts and Ulcerate influence in this band is never-ending, and isn’t for the stupid or narrow minded (I mean that in an honest and non offensive way, for the pussies).  This band knows how to write weird songs and keep you zeroed in. If still need more motivation, the band partnered up with Kenny from Imperial Triumphant (experimental black metal with horns!) and  Alex Cohen (ex-Pyrrhon with their weird ass indescribable sound) on drum duties. Toilet Ov Hell has an early stream that started monday November 5th to check out the full album.

thoren 2018 for print ORIG

“Gwarth 1” is an artistic and fucked up trip not many people can appreciate so all you Disturbed loving mofos can go take walk around the block while the adults roll with some real art!  There’s also lots of creepy acoustic guitar on the band’s sophomore release, which really makes this album flow.  Just like Brennenburg, Gwarth 1 is a creepy offering that again is similar but still fairly different musically and theme wise.

Check out the album above, and buy it starting this Friday November 9th. The preorder links are below to get your digital copy (sorry no CD’S unless there’s a dramatic rise in popularity with Thoren).  This instrumental band knows how to kick ass and take names.

Thoren – Gwarth I
1. Firith
2. Agarwaen
3. Galvorn
4. Scatha
5. Daleb Dath
6. Angos
7. Ebrietas
8. Kos
9. Tyranny

Thoren – Gwarth I Line-Up
Anthony Lipari – Guitars (Evilyn, Vihaan)
Joseph Paquette – Bass (Evilyn)
Alex Cohen (Live for Malignancy, ex-Pyrrhon, Epistasis, Involuntary Convulsion)
Session Drums (Tracks 1, 2, 4, & 6-8)
Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant, Secret Chiefs3) – Session Drums (Tracks 3, 5, & 9)
Maggie Cocco – Session vocals (Track 8: “Kos”)

Additional Gwarth I Album Credits
-Mastered by John Strieder (Magma Art & Sound, formerly Magma Studios, Berlin, Germany)
-Drums recorded at Solitude Studios, Carversville, PA
-Guitar and Bass recorded in respective members home studios
-Cover Art by Anthony Lipari

The Surrealist Is November’s Artist Of The Month!



To change things up and also promote a very talented and unheard of band, Roopam Garg’s brainchild The Surrealist is TMR’S November Featured Artist.  They’re a very cool prog/pop/kinda fusion/experimental instrumental band out of Boston.  If it could get any cooler he graduated the Berklee School Of Music this year as well.  I first heard of The Surrealist over a year ago, and was totally intrigued.  I haven’t heard much, if any guitarists like him so far in my life.  The context of the music of the Surrealist is very intriguing.  The songs that have been released so far are heavily layered in some parts, and have some wild techniques that will make your jaw drop as far as it ever has.  I think he is such a brilliant guitarist that he will eventually be on Tosin Abasi’s level as an artist…..the style is so unique and refreshing you crave more music! Since I’ve known about the band, they’ve been releasing singles periodically and to my knowledge there’s five songs so far.  Every time there’s a Surrealist clip posted, I’m generally watching it possibly foaming at the mouth.  Oh, and to boot in their short existence….they had a slot in England’s UK Tech Fest this past summer! I believe that was their first show? I’m totally not sure….but that British festival I NEED to go to before my time on this earth is done.

I hope my website’s followers take advantage of this opportunity and dive deep into The Surrealist if they have not heard of this new band yet.  I had an interesting time thinking of a solid, newer band to promote for November that isn’t extreme.  I racked my brain and after a few days BOOM goes the Surrealist to the forefront! The artwork for their covers for the singles are equally as mind-blowing. I am forever grateful for the awesome music that they have gifted the world and hope this month of November in 2018 generates the guys some more traffic and more fans discover their music.  I hope you enjoy their music and Roopam’s guitar clips as much as I have.



From their Facebook profile:

It all begins with a deep desire to explore the unconscious mind and its infinite creative potential. This is The Surrealist. The Surrealist is an American Experimental Progressive band based out of Boston, MA. The band is composed of guitarist Roopam Garg . and drummer John-Marc Degaard Synthesizing sounds from a multiplicity of genres—metal, ambient, minimalism, electronic and film soundtracks—The Surrealist is a reflection of the new era of modern instrumental music. The Surrealist paints upon the canvas of silence and operates on the endpoints of the spectrum of human emotion. Featuring sweeping, whirling guitar lines that cascade over blankets of plush, droning soundscapes, intricate modulating polyrhythms, The Surrealist breaks new grounds and transcends the separation of genres, leaving nothing but a pure sphere of sound. The Surrealist is: Roopam Garg Austin Rockman



Irreversible Mechanism- Immerison



Irreversible Mechanism’s sophomore album was released yesterday, and has raised all kinds of eyebrows for fans of the technical/progressive death metal newcomers now turned more melodic and more atmospheric.  For fans like myself who have been there for a few years since the 2015 mind-blowing tech death debut opus “Infinite Fields” it might be a letdown for those fans.  Since they released the single “Abolution” I heard twice before the release and the stream this past Wednesday I heard once, It’s started to grow. Lots of artists release work that doesn’t really grab you from the first listen, and its always best to give albums a few chances or revisit them a few years later.

Another potential factor that may have influenced their sound was Yaroslov Korotkin left the band during the recording (or after maybe?) of “Immersion”.  Don’t want to speculate if it was on good terms or not, but Ilya Studenok took over the spot in the band.  Maybe he helped sway the band’s sound and try something different? Immersion is a good release that will get better every listen through, as of right now this is my 4th time through the album since yesterday.


The guitar work of Vladislav is top notch, as usual.  It’s more melodic and focused this time around, and as previously stated less tech and frantic.  Don’t worry IM fans, their music is still heavily layered with different key & synth sounds, and some guitar duals.  There are even parts of singing that make their songs from “Immersion” more dynamic and emotional.  Unfortunately (in my case at least) there isn’t any string work on the songs that I absolutely loved periodically on their debut.  I love when tech and prog bands add orchestrated elements to their music, whether its a slight influence or heavier influence.  There’s also some electronic surprises in the songs which wasn’t present in “Infinite Fields”.

Overall I enjoy Immersion the more I listen to it, and people should just shut the fuck up and listen.  It’s a solid album on a new label (Blood Music) that is better than your average modern metal band’s release.  Personally I think the guys wanted to try something new, and not everyone is accepting right off the bat, at least.  Here are both albums, so you can hear the sound difference and make your own choice.  Both albums are solid, either way.



Thoren September 2018 Interview

thoren 2018 for print ORIG.png


Instrumental Dissonant Death Metal band Thoren is releasing their full length Gwarth 1.  I talked with the guys about the album, music and well themselves….duh.  Check it out!


Anthony Lipari – Guitars (Evilyn, Vihaan)
Joseph Paquette – Bass (Evilyn)
Alex Cohen (Live for Malignancy, ex-Pyrrhon, Epistasis, Involuntary Convulsion)
Session Drums (Tracks 1, 2, 4, & 6-8)
Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant, Secret Chiefs3) – Session Drums (Tracks 3, 5, & 9)
Maggie Cocco – Session vocals (Track 8: “Kos”)

TMR: How do you think you have evolved with your upcoming release Gwarth I in comparison to Brennenburg?

Anthony – Gwarth I is a much more in-your-face album than Brennenburg which was a slower, more atmospheric experience. The song structures, technicality, and ideas expressed are a leap forward compared to our previous outing.


Joe – I feel we have become more technical and different with our rhythms, phrasing, and overall melodic ideas.  Having both Alex Cohen and Kenny Grohowski have creative freedom to write their parts, helped bring new energy, ideas, and musical phrases to each song.


TMR: Any plans on doing shows for Thoren?

There are no future plans for live shows.


TMR: Is Gwarth I a separate concept from Brennenburg? What are the meanings behind the album title and songs?

Anthony – Brennenburg was a statement about fear and the existence of the darkness within each of us. Gwarth I and II are more about confronting those aspects of the world. It’s less about fear and more about malevolence and confronting it. The word Gwarth itself means “betrayer” in Sindarin (the elvish language made up by Tolkien). When working with most instrumental music it is difficult for me to capture what emotion is being expressed through in the song with a title. I will often find a word from one of Tolkien’s works or some game I’m playing. The origins of the titles are as follows.


Firith – Season of Fading

Agarwaen – Bloodstain

Galvorn – Black Metal

Scatha – Legendary Dragon

Daleb Dath – Loathsome Abyss

Angos – Horror

Ebrietas – Daughter of the Cosmos (Bloodborne reference)

Kos – Son of Kosm, the Great One (Bloodborne reference)

Tyranny – This one is English


TMR: What was it like working with Kenny from Imperial Triumphant and Alex Cohen? 
You have two great drummers that have some serious talent right there.

Anthony and Joe – We have been very fortunate and grateful to have both Alex and Kenny perform on both Gwarth I and II.  Their talents really enhanced the albums overall feel and quality.  We’re very excited for everyone to hear them!


TMR: Any plans for physical copies?

There are no plans for physical copies for the time being. If there is enough demand that could change.


TMR: How can you describe Gwarth I in comparison to your previous releases? Any different recording techniques or anything new you tried musically?


Anthony – On this release there is a section of 12-string guitar played backwards and a section where I detuned all the strings on my electric until they were completely loose and pressed them against the pickups. I got a lot of really strange sounds out of that. There is also a tune on this record with slow jazzy drums, upright bass, acoustic guitar and a female soprano (Maggie Cocco) that is unlike anything we’ve done before.

Joe – I finally picked up a recording interface so that I could record at home on my own.  Wish I’d picked one up sooner!




TMR: What influenced you making Thoren an instrumental band? There’s a lot of great instrumental bands with a vast variety of sounds, and great virtuosos too….I hear these Satriani and Vai guys are pretty good too.


Joe – I think the biggest influence to having Thoren as an instrumental band is creative freedom and not be limited to musical ideas due to vocals.

Anthony – Joe is right on the money here. When I was younger and diving into music theory, I always found myself attracted to the composers that stepped outside of the box and had a unique voice. I admired how they seemed to say so much without using words. That is something we always strive for in Thoren.


“If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” – Gustav Mahler


TMR: What are Thoren’s biggest influences musically?


Anthony – There are so many it’s hard to list them all, but here’s a few. Some metal influences are Meshuggah, Putridity, Defeated Sanity, anything with Colin Marston, Martyr, Capharnaum, Suffocation, Coma Cluster Void, Ehnahre, Aosoth, Gorguts, Dillinger Escape Plan, Cannibal Corpse, Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, Ulcerate, Nile and Portal. As far as other influences, I’d say Xenakis, Penderecki, Boulez, Feldman, Rebecca Saunders, Bartok, Stravinsky, Ligeti, and Scott Walker.


TMR: What’s your favorite piece of gear?

Anthony – My Axe FX II and my Stephen Carpenter signature 7 string ESP LTD.

Joe – My Fender Highway One Jazz Bass


TMR: What are your interests outside of music and Thoren?

Anthony – Exercise, video games, movies, reading, and visual art.

Joe – Camping, hunting, exercise, video games, shooting guns, fixing stuff, and yard work.

TMR: Favorite releases from 2018? And what ones are you looking forward to?


Anthony – My favorite releases so far are from Portal, Ehnahre and Hadean, Exlimitir, Kevin Hufnagel, Obscura, Soreption, Alkaloid, and Imperial Triumphant. I’m looking forward to Revocation, Bloodbath, Voivod, Evilyn, Infinite Nomad, and (if they release something this year) I’d love to hear new Disentomb or Dimesland!


Joe – My favorite releases so far are The Absence’s “A Gift for the Obsessed”, Tesseract’s “Sonder”, and Soreption’s “Monument of the End”.  I’m really looking forward to the releases from Aborted, Bloodbath, and Revocation!  It’s been a great year so far for metal!