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Turning Virtue Full Interview!

  Now for all who have been waiting for the full 1 hour and 20 minute interview…..or all zero of you, well here she is! It took a lot of hard work, dedication and effort to put this together in many aspects…..we really hope everyone enjoys the interview […]

Aaron Marshall of Intervals

  Aaron Marshall the creative mind of his instrumental band “Intervals” based out of Toronto, Ontario. ¬†If you’re a guitarist and also an instrumental freak like myself, you should know who Aaron/Intervals is. ¬†His latest album catapulted its way onto my best of 2017 list for a million […]


  Nyktomorph is an extreme metal band from Buffalo, New York. ¬†These guys are so heavy…’s like they can’t get any heavier. ¬†They have a combined black metal and death metal influence. ¬†Sonically they’re absolutely blistering…..I love their vocals. ¬†Very raw, and very energetic. The band has a […]