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Spire Of Lazarus is our 2023 January Artist Of The Month!

Our first featured band for 2023 is Spire Of Lazarus! They have a few releases and last year’s was my introduction to the band titled “Soaked In The Sands”. Oddly enough, I have strayed away from what I named my website after which is complicated death/prog genres. Truthfully, the genre has become a bit watered down to say the least. There’s a group of bands that inspire me more as a musician and catch my ear. Man SOL is one of the best bands I have heard from technical death metal in quite a while. There’s a reason I drifted away from the genre and why I initially started this site, but they are just so good.

They are also groovy, heavy and have some memorable rhythms. A lot of bands do use the same samples, orchestration and ideas. I feel SOL is more unique than your average 2023 tech death band or one that loves Necrophagist. We will be posting a song of theirs daily as we do for the band or artist we choose, and I think our followers will welcome this band with open arms. If you don’t know them, I hope this introduces them to you and start by checking out their latest release.

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