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TMR’S 2022 Highlights & Favorites

2022 has been full of ups and downs for everyone. It’s a sad excuse to use work as one but it’ts been a damper on my creativity, and I need to change that. It’s affected me both here and musically, and I need to put more energy (when I have it) into my arts including this. That has showed itself in spades here especially when I never scheduled my year end article. It’s easier for me to add the releases I enjoyed then add in my other sections to keep it a “Best Of” article rather than babbling favorite releases. It won’t be as expansive as years gone by and I hope you understand it but here goes nothing.

2022 Music Industry Positives

  • Bands are touring again. Also on the flip side, there’s too many shows to choose from sometimes and it becomes tougher. In a post 2020 world it has become pricier to tour, so some bands have taken the route to be more selective.
  • Bands have releases lined up the wazoo. On the flip side, it relates to the first point that there’s so many happening it’s easy to forget something new. People have been working on music during lockdown and afterwards, so some bands and artists have been on fire. For example The Zenith Passage signed to a new record label and are planning on TWO new releases in 2023.
  • Smaller labels are growing, putting out great releases and signing stellar bands. Transcending Obscurity, 20 Buck Spin, The Artisan Era, Everlasting Spew Records, Realityfade and Vicious Instinct Records are some of my favorites right now on that front. Financially it is another story but means you should support your newer record labels! The aforementioned have put out releases that constantly grab my attention and only strengthens my convictions about them.

2023 Releases We’re Looking Forward To

  • The Zentih Passage
  • Entheos
  • 200 Stab Wounds
  • Suffocation (possibly?)
  • Virvum (possibly?)
  • Soreption (teased they’re writing….2024 is my guess but you never know?)
  • Decrepit Birth (would be nice, but hey you never know!)
  • Beyond Creation
  • Riverside
  • Enslaved
  • Ne Obliviscaris
  • Turning Virtue
  • Inertia
  • Afterbirth (hopefully)
  • Immortal
  • Unfathomable Ruination

We probably missed a lot so please chime in and comment politely!

Favorite Song of 2022

You can look at my plays of this song since it dropped and can tell I am not lying.

Favorite Releases of 2022

Now as in years gone by THERE IS NO RANKING so don’t go around the internet saying you were #1 or #10 because it’s totally random. Also shortening up this year’s (soon to be last year’s) article I’m combining all releases (full lengths, EP’s and singles). It’s probably word vomit and I will probably end up leaving something off. Also comment on stuff I missed cause more stuff drops every year you are bound to forget a lot.

  • Soreption- Jord
  • Revocation- Netherheaven
  • Organectomy- Nail Below Nail
  • Decapitated- Cancer Culture
  • Meshuggah- Immutable
  • Entheos- Absolute Zero
  • Inanimate Existence- The Masquerade
  • Fallujah- Empyrean
  • Psyroptic- Divine Council
  • Arkaik- Labryinth Of Hungry Ghosts
  • Imperial Triumphant- Spirit Of Ecstasy
  • Animals As Leaders- Parrhesia
  • Polyphia- Remember That You Will Die
  • Porcupine Tree- Closure/Continuum
  • Dysgnostic- Scar Echoes
  • Dream Unending- Song Of Salvation
  • Worm- Bluenothing
  • Agonal Breathing- Bloodthirsty Mutilation
  • Esophagus- Killing For Sport
  • Blood Incantation- Timewave Zero
  • Devin Townsend- Lightwork
  • Dischordia- Tryptich
  • Artificial Brain- Artificial Brain
  • Voidthrone- Metaphysical Degradation
  • Belphegor- The Devils
  • Undeath- It’s Time To Rise From The Grave (Grab some merch and support the site!)

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