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Autopsy “Morbidity Triumphant”

Death metal legends Autopsy are releasing a new album this Friday September 30th “Morbidity Triumphant” on Peaceville Records. I’ve been into this band for a handful of years, so I’m not super versed on them so cut me some slack. I love this band on many levels and have been anticipating this release, as they are massively underrated when it comes to the genre. They have a very unique songwriting style to where it is DM and it’s heavy, but the guitar riffs are groovy and kinda bluesy. Also, there’s not constant tremelo riffing and blast beats which usually is a death metal staple. Autopsy delivers in their own unique, interesting style and that is absolutely awesome. My first experience was “Severed Survival” which has a ton of bangers on it. It’s still my favorite album of theirs and considered one of the if not best album they’ve done. Don’t sleep on the 1991 release “Mental Funeral” either as they’re two great albums back to back. Shit, I was 2 going on 3 years old when the band dropped “Severed Survival” in 1989.

Now onto the actual new album “Morbidity Triumphant” it’s Autopsy. The band has a formula and it works fucking great. The guys are older and you don’t see them trying something new that will alienate fans, and to see them still playing let alone releasing new music after 3 decades is awesome. It is a stellar effort from said older bands, because let’s be honest there have been much worse releases from older bands before they retired. It’s definitely another solid release in their library and was excited I saw the promo in the TMR email.

What is also cool about Autopsy is their faster parts are punk reminiscent but they still remain true to their death metal roots. The vocals have always been blood curdling and absolutely brutal and a great change in pace. I personally love the caveman gurgles, pig squeals and brutal slams. But the old school style and bands like Autopsy that have their punk moments are that changeup. The slow parts compliment their faster stuff perfectly, that are borderline doom metal. The guitar solos are gnarly ranging from tons of dive bombs to slow melodic bluesy leads and a lot of fast leads too. I have always enjoyed the diverse playing as a fellow guitarist and will always be a strong point in the band. The rhythms are great between the bass and drums, some powerful performances that hit you in the face.

I think “MorbidityTriumphant” is one of their best recent releases if not maybe their best. It’s a pulverizing, heavy slab of death metal. This album is one to show to the teens getting into the new wave of OSDM (it’s an ironic term, I get it) and show them how it’s done. These old dogs don’t need to learn any new tricks because what they’re doing still works and it’s absolutely nasty.

Everyone has different opinions and may not enjoy the album as much as I did, but impressive to me that an older band still has that fire and talent. They’re not fading if not that fire is still burning inside and I loved it. If you know Autopsy, you know what you’re getting. If you don’t know them, start with the first two albums I mentioned in the first paragraph earlier.

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