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Official Video Premiere Of Betrayal’s “War”

German extreme metal has always been fairly consistent and Betrayal is another proof of that. The band is premiering their new song “War” from their upcoming release “Disorder Remains” out on Rising Nemesis Records April 12th. If you like groove, some technicality, wide ranged vocals and extreme drum work this band will fit you to a tee. Heavy, relentless, engaging and powerful are many adjectives that describe Betrayal. Enjoy the song below and bang your head!

Band comment on “Disorder Remains” :

“Regarding sound quality as well as songwriting, we definitely reached the next step with Disorder Remains. The entire writing process was new for us since a  part of the record was finished in the studio where we could focus on our concept and implement a lot of spontaneous ideas. We tried to combine a gloomy and powerful atmosphere which can be transferred live as well as on CD. It was recorded at the Unleash The Sound Studios while sounds for guitars and bass were created by no other than Sky Van Hoff.  With this decision, we try to underline the intensity of emotions throughout our songs  with a brutal sound.”

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