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Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Tales Of The Tomb “The Nightmare Hall”

If you have been following us for a little bit this Canadian Death Metal band might sound familiar.  We have premiered “Nine Eleven” by Tales Of The Tomb and this time around the guys have a video ready for “The Nightmare Hall”!  That’s not the only juicy news, the duo finally added a third piece to become a trio!  Bassist Jonnii Guns has joined the band, and did a bass playthrough on NoCleanSinging for their song “Sinful Messiah”.   About the band’s track “The Nightmare Hall” guitarist Corey Skerlak had this to say about it:

“Nightmare Hall was the last song we had written for our newer EP. It was one of the first songs Tres was able to have a hand in writing since a lot of the songs on this EP were written in the early days and even before he joined Tales! So you notice that this song is quite a bit more technical than some of the others on the album. Because of that its probably one of my favorite to play on this EP!”

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