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Plague Throat- Evolutionary Impasse

India’s technical death metal grinders Plague Throat released their EP “Evolutionary Impasse” last week on February 20th and it’s a real slammer!  The guys have put together a devastating and brutal EP that meshes so well it feels like its over rather quickly.  Not that listening to this album multiple times is a bad thing by any means!  Plague Throat seamlessly switches speeds every song, catering to fans who love it slower and also love quicker death metal.

The drums are one of the best parts of the EP.  They’re so consistent and engaging it adds to the chaotic frenzy that is Plague Throat.  One of their strong traits is their sweet rhythm, coming from the stellar guitar riffs and bass that keep them rolling along like a well oiled machine.



Nangsan – Guitar & Vocals
Malice – Drums


Plague Throat put out an extremely entertaining, consistent and masterful EP.  You will want to mark this band on your radar, and grab CD while they still have them in stock.  We have been discovering some great bands from India such as OrchidDark HelmProphets of Yahweh, and the legendary Demonstealer of course..  Don’t let stereotypes, ignorances and short sighted judgements get in your way.  EVERY country has music of every kind believe it or not! People outside of North America, South America, and Scandinavia actually do make music! India is making a bigger name in metal for themselves, whether people will want to check it out or not.  Give them a chance, and check out the other bands that are linked as well… will not be disappointed. Check out a few of the tracks below via their bandcamp.


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