Serpents- The Sunset And The Silhouette

Serpents released a song “The Sunset And The Silhouette” recently from their upcoming third album.  The band is a really avant-garde/slightly prog death metal band.  The vocals are really stellar and consistent, channeling lots of energy and emotion.  The music isn’t technical, but its really moody and kind of atmospheric too.  The occasional keyboards are really sweet displaying the band’s diversity and artistic side.  When they groove, they groove heavy. The drums and bass are absolutely phenomenal. Serpents have a great modern spin on death metal with a little extra added occasional weirdness here and there.  I haven’t listened to their first two albums yet, but the band has my attention now with this ground breaking single.  There’s a lot of layering and fantastic rhythms in this track that keeps me entertained.

If you like your death metal layered, more experimental and guitar leads not overdone to the point its more melodic…..you’ll love Serpents.  It’s great to see more and more bands doing their own thing in extreme metal, with more bands trying something new and not keeping the same wheel rolling.  Serpents has added their own touch in death metal, and I think they stand out.  You’re going to want to keep an eye on this band and see what they have cooked up, as they have Logan Mader recording their upcoming album! You can preorder their album right here. Enjoy the track and music video!


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