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Abhorrent Aggression- You Only Die Once


I wish I knew about these guys sooner! To keep it heavy, this is some straight up death metal with no limitations whatsoever.  Realityfade Records has some solid bands on their label, with my first discovery Habitual Depravity.  Abhorrent Aggression is a New York based death metal band.  Living and raised in the western part of the state near Buffalo, am shocked I haven’t come across these guys yet…..but with so many bands, it’s believable to miss some plenty of times.  The band’s sound is awfully heavy, raw and straight to the point.  It’s not a technical brainwasher, the guys get down a heavy groove and stick to it!  The vocals are low, consistent and on point.  The drumming is pretty solid, along with Nick and Gordie’s talents on guitar and bass respectively.


Giuseppe Tedesco- Vocals
Nick Giaquinto- Guitar
Phil Shannon- Drums
Gordie Stoner-Bass

Abhorrent Aggression really brings the brutal, and don’t overdo it.  If you’re into classic old school death metal, they will get your toes curling.  Unfortunately by the looks of their Facebook page, it looks like they are inactive as they announced they split up 3 years ago.  It’s a dang shame because it’s a very tight album! You can still buy the album through the record label if you enjoy it.  I swear this happens to me half of the time, where I get into a band and then they either break up soon…..or are inactive.  Oh well, such is life. Stay brutal my friends!

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  1. Nick the guitarist here, glad you enjoyed and while we did part ways If you like the sound of Abhorrent Aggression the drummer and the guitarist both have active bands/projects worth checking out Balor/Violent by Design and Obscene Execration.

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