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Of Hatred Spawn Self Titled Debut


Of Hatred Spawn is releasing their self titled debut on Friday December 21st featuring JJ and Remy Tartaglia(drums and guitar respectively), Oscar Rangel (ex-Annihilator) on bass and Matt Collacatt on Vocals. The band’s debut album is a wild and energetic effort with a fun mix of classic and modern death metal that will appeal to fans of every generation of the genre.  Matt’s lows are so great and make this band roll smoothly like butter onto a hot biscuit.  JJ’s sweet drumming and Remi’s relentless riffing keeps this band rolling along, and Rangel’s bass keeps the party thumping along monstrously.  This is a great cut of death metal, and in my opinion a solid representation of the genre to show anyone who’s curious of checking out death metal.


If you need a little kick in the pants or motivation, check out this guitar playthrough!

It’s a blistering album that never bored me and to be honest I am already looking forward to more new music from Of Hatred Spawn.  The album will be released through Boonsdale Records.  There’s so many extreme releases every year as usual, but I really mean it to check out Of Hatred Spawn you’ll regret it if you don’t! Hope you all enjoy this one when it comes out this Friday headbangers!



Remy Tartaglia – Guitars
JJ Tartaglia – Drums
Oscar Rangel – Bass
Matt Collacott – Vocals



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