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Blade Of Horus- Obliteration


Australian tech blasters Blade Of Horus released a wild album today through Lacerated Enemy Records.  Clocking in just under a half hour of skull crushing and a note cramming frenzy Blade Of Horus delivers yet again but on even more wild and obscene level.  The guys added a SITAR to some of their sections, fucking sweet aye? Their vocalist Nathan doesn’t fall anywhere short of impressive….the guy’s guttural gets better and better. I never questioned it, in regards to the band’s debut “Monumental Massacre”.  He had some great lows, but expanded his death metal technique big time for his boys.  There’s some squeals and highs included this time…..maybe some Travis Ryan and Trever Strnad influence? I can’t get over it, his voice brings Blade Of Horus to an even bigger sound than before…..awfully impressive. Ivan and James rip even harder this time around on guitar.  The occasional synthesizer moments give “Obliteration” an extra sci-fi boost, if you know what I mean geeks.

The guys were recently playing shows with Organectomy, to boot! Australia is building a sweet metal scene and Blades propels the Aussies to a higher level than where they were before for their country.  If you want a slightly different side of technical death metal with more melody, some spontaneity and killer death metal groove Blades will fuck your shit up.  Don’t sleep on their debut either! But holy fuck, this sophomore album will rape your ears! Buy them both damnit!


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