Death Metal

Thoren release “Tyranny” from upcoming full length “Gwarth 1”



Instrumental Death Metal band Thoren released their single “Tyranny” today.  It’s a quick, heavy and dissonant headbanger that kicks your ass from the get go.  Tyranny is a straightforward extreme metal ass kicker.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of dissonance in this quickie (as Decibel Magazine ever so eloquently labeled Throen as genre-fuckers!).  If you’re into odd timed, dissonant, heavy instrumental extreme metal these guys are for you.  Congrats to my friend Anthony of Thoren for getting his music premiered through Decibel Magazine!

YOU TOTALLY MADE IT BIG BRO! Seriously, enjoy the song.  While you’re at it grab their previous release Brennenburg.



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