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Oubliette- The Passage

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Oubliette is releasing their second album “The Passage” July 13th.  The band’s sophomore effort is more mature and a collaboration with a full lineup rather than a solo effort of Mike Low.  Oubliette has a lineup finally and a triple guitar attack… should know what that means.  There is definitely a lot more melody this time around that is a beautiful touch to Oubliette’s blackened metal attack.

The band is an enjoyable change in pace in comparison to the other great bands on their record label The Artisan Era (which is fairly dominated by technical death metal so far).  The album concept is a sad and depressing theme of struggle, and at many points pleases a hardcore Opeth fan like myself.

I have to say “The Passage” is a much more experimental album compared to their debut album “Apparitions” which was a tad bit more straightforward.   I like the fact it’s a concept album and is done well.  You can really feel the character’s struggle in certain points of the songs the further the album progresses.  The band further explains the album, lyrics, theme and more right here.

“The Passage” definitely exceeded my expectations after a nice debut album from the crew.  It’s a heartfelt and emotional album that carries on right from the start to the last second.  This somber and melodic trip makes you wonder how great the third album will be……only time will tell.

The band is playing a show the day of the album release on July 13th at Little Harpeth Brewing in Nashville, Tennessee. If you live near there, don’t wait and purchase your tickets along with the album too!

Oubliette – The Passage 
1. A Pale Innocence
2. The Curse
3. Solitude
4. Elegy
5. Emptiness
6. The Raven’s Lullaby
7. Barren
8. The Passage

Emily Low – vocals
Mike Low (INFERI) – guitar
Todd Harris (BATTLE PATH) – guitar, backing vocals
Andrew Wampler (OPHIUCHUS) – guitar
James Turk (ENFOLD DARKNESS) – bass
Greg Vance (ENFOLD DARKNESS) – drums



Oubliette band photo (1)

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