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Dischordia- Binge/Purge



Technical/Prog Dissonant Death Metal Experimentalists Dischordia (holy fuck that’s a mouthful of sub genres!) have released an absolute beast of a 2 song 24 minute EP that kicks serious ass.  It’s a technical and chaotic frenzy that perfectly sums up their short existence and most definitely their best work.

In my few months of knowing “dad metal” (as the guys have been joking around on social media for months now…..not only are they massively talented they’re just as goofy!) these guys have continuously risen the bar of their music with every release in their career.  “Thanatopsis” was their first full length album that is a pretty good album in the eyes of modern metal. This time however the band went apeshit in adding more odd rhythms, dissonance and extra instruments like keys, flute, ukelele and marimba.  I am a big fan of the experimental movement, as much as I love classic disgusting brutal death metal.  I think once a band or genre gets too stagnant, it gets extremely boring and all you do is keep pushing the wheel.

The guitar work of Keeno is so tamed, but so groovy and dissonant it isn’t over the top. I love shred crazy tech guitarists, but also love the styles of players that know what to do where and make a composition work instead of forcing a song.  The Oklahoma trio have carefully crafted a modern day masterpiece right before our eyes.  The rhythms are so addicting between Turner (bass) and Josh Fallin(drums) it’s a fucking epic.  What makes the band even cooler is they actually bring the flute to their shows which Josh Turner rocks the fuck out of! Authenticity is awesome and that’s what is one of many great things about Dischordia.

Dischordia brought a fucking sledgehammer and shattered the wheel, if you ask me.  Luc Lemay would smile ear to ear if he hasn’t heard of Dischordia already.  If you don’t know who Luc Lemay is, you probably love NSYNC.  Lemay is the founder and guitarist/vocalist of the legendary Canadian Dissonant Death Metal legends GORGUTS.  Using the aforementioned non traditional ideas of spicing up Death Metal was a fantastic idea and progression for Dischordia.

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Grab the EP digitally at their band camp website.  There are CD’s available as well including their previous release Thanatopsis.  I’ve played this through several times already and hasn’t gotten stale at all.  What Dischordia is doing is a serious deal.  It’s not another bland and boring pop metal album that Five Finger Death Punch released over and over again to appease to bro metal fans in Tapout t-shirts they purchased at Walmart on sale.  Dischordia is an extreme band with experimental influences that keep pushing the boundaries of staying true to your sound regardless of what anyone says.  It’s very influential to other younger and newer bands to keep doing what they want, and not do what people tell them to.  I am going to eventually start my best of 2018 article so I don’t forget any great releases and plan on adding a few new sections to broaden the yearly article…..and Dischordia is gonna be hitting that bitch hard.

The trio is currently on a tour with their tech death peers The Summoned (on select dates) the last half of the month of June.  The tour kicked off last night and will go through the end of the month.  If you live near any of the dates, I reckon you fucking go! The Summoned are no slackers either, it would be well worth your money and time.  If you want to get to know the band more, I interviewed their goofy asses last month.  To check out the EP, Decibel Magazine streamed it this week.

All hail dad metal!

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