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Thomas Gerwitz- Another Place In Time




Tom is a progressive rock artist out of Buffalo, New York.  He has released a full length album “Blackwell” before this EP was recently released. I’ve followed his progress initially through his progressive death metal band Eira which is awesome by the way.

He has come a long way as an artist, vocally especially.  To be honest, like any artist we learn from mistakes and valuable lessons along the way……there’s much worse singers out there and wasn’t the greatest to begin with.  After the Era EP and full length I noticed on “Blackwell” his voice got much better and his ear for melody was improving.  His vocals sounded much richer and pronunciations were a big improvement compared to previous offerings.  There’s lots of great music along the way, as well.  Blackwell was very progressive as well, but definitely heavier.  It had some cool guitar riffs and very melodic leads along with very cool artwork.  This time around though, it was a lot mellower and acoustically dominated with some electric guitar thrown in here and there.  I personally love the added keyboard and synth patches that enhance the moods at times.

Another Place In Time is a standout release for Tom, and clocks in just around 31 minutes for the three songs “Nostalgia”, “Naissance” and “Nadir” in that exact order.  It’s well written EP all around.  Everyone can only hope he keeps continuing on the same path, and even getting better along the way.  Maybe he can put a band together and play some shows? Maybe Eira can come back from the dead as well?

You can listen to all of Tom’s music on his Bandcamp…..after you listen, don’t be a jerk and buy the music.

Also, you can go to the Eira Bandcamp to listen to their music…….and then buy it……wink, wink 😉


Who knows what the future holds.  All I know is that it is very bright.

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