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Start The Reactor

Start The Reactor is an experimental math core band from Albany, NY.  The motto for TMR is promoting the obscure and original……well STR definitely fits that category, and isn’t for everyone.  There’s all sorts of cool rhythms, odd effects, technicality, unusual vocals, experimentation and killer grooves all around……

I have to say theres all sorts of things for an oddball of a band.  This isn’t just another filler metal band, its awfully original and sets them apart from many bands.  All sorts of crushing breakdowns and guttural vocals are scattered throughout their songs.  They’re a very chaotic band, which is very good in this case.  There’s all sorts of dissonance that only add to the chaos of Start The Reactor.

There’s moments where they sound like the Dillinger Escape Plan’s cousin, and then the next moment a groovy Meshuggah inspired riff.  They have two sets of recorded demos to listen on their bandcamp website.  Time will tell what this crazy yet controlled band has in store for everyone.  STR is a very punishing and brutal band, to say the least.

Start The Reactor has a show at the end of March on the 24th if you live in the Albany, New York region.




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