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Squatch- Jafar’s Calamari Safari

The second album review by TMR… the instrumental trio from Buffalo called Squatch!  I love this band and they’re real cool dudes to boot. Wielding a very unusual, mind boggling and memorable album cover your emotions are thrown all over the place on what to expect and a crazy album title.  You already know you’re in for one hell of a ride when theres a photo of sassquatches using humans like a carousel. It’s very safe to say the cover catches your attention before you even get into the music.

Now for the music……one of the many highlights of Squatch is the undeniable chemistry of their rhythm section of their drummer Collin and bassist Erik.  There’s all sorts of slap bass throughout the album and sweet fills he jams between the thunderous drumming of Collin. The diversity of guitarist Jeremy is appealing playing heavy rhythms at one point that perfectly compliment the trio, and then the next moment seamlessly playing licks and leads smoother than butter itself.

To say there is a standout track would be an insult because honestly the whole album flows start to finish with a bunch of mood changes.  The album is clocked in under a half hour with 7 songs.

  1. The Marshall Tucker Program
  2. It All Starts With Socks
  3. Cold Bodies
  4. Pocket Full of Jebidiah
  5. Pasghetti And Beatmalls
  6. Merry Go Round
  7. Pastrami Nipples

The beautiful thing of instrumental bands is not having lyrics! Also, having random song titles that may or may not have anything to do with the theme.  I mean, these song titles make you laugh right? But then you listen to the heaviness of Squatch and it changes everything.  There are lots of unusual effects supplied by Erik and Jeremy that just totally go with the songs especially in “Pocket Full of Jebidiah”.

To label Squatch would be awfully tough.  According to their website they are a progressive hardcore band.  There are many moments throughout the record they are more than either genre.  There are some funk influences, some parts that remind you of Primus, some that are a bit laid back and cleaner and a couple punk rhythms in some of their songs.  They are a truly diverse trio that specializes in groovy rhythms, and very heavy sections as well.  The guys are not afraid to experiment and I am very excited to hear any new music they are working on and what the future holds for the guys in Squatch.

You can check out the band and their music at the following links:

Squatch website




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