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My personal goal for the Technical Music Review is to prominately  promote bands of the technical death metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, jazz, jazz fusion, instrumentalists and instrumental band genres.  Promotions and networking will occur through video and text interviews of local and national (one day, hopefully!) bands and artists, album reviews, concert reviews, and multitudes of different videos.  As an artist and fan I personally enjoy and like bands that have all sorts of stuff going on rather than a simplistic style with generic guitar riffs, lyrics, grooves and very obvious influences.  I like to have a lot my ears can listen to rather than a lot of space in between sections. As seen on our website, my prominent favorite prog band of my generation that got me to dig into the genre deeper past and present is the mighty Opeth.  To me they’re a perfect mix.  The classic era Opeth (Still Life,Deliverance, Blackwater Park, Ghost Reveries) caught me when I saw the music video for The Grand Conjuration. Now I was probably around my early 20’s and was initially into nu metal, 90s hip hop, alt rock and grunge rock some punk before I really branched out to the obscure and experimental big time as I just hit my 30’s. The music video was so messed up and a bit long (5 and a half minutes) with so many mood changes between an odd rhythm constant vocal changing between growls and a whisper layered keyboards instruments tuned to drop D I was in awe and slightly bothered with the creepy video with nasty creatures and a blindfolded man in a wifebeater and slacks it was very unusual. I was even more in awe they made the music video to get some sort of reputation and playtime as I found out the full track is over 10 minutes and 30 seconds! Here’s the video that started my love for this fantastic band…  Opeth- The Grand Conjuration


I love their dynamics between the extreme and mellow or experimental in that era, which initially drew me to the band.  My obsession has only grown more and more throughout the years with them.  Mikael’s blend of extreme metal, folk, jazz, pop, rock, prog rock, acoustics and so many subtle influences throughout their catalog of their 20+ year history has influenced me more and more as an artist and music lover. That has changed recently and Mikael in his mid 40’s is losing his growls and sticks to singing on the last 3 Opeth releases which are still fantastic many people don’t like them because of that  yet they all have been fantastic records (Heritage, Pale Communion and Sorceress). People that aren’t artists may not consider how much it hurts vocalists to growl and sing it’s a totally different strain on your voice. Growling more over the years hurts your singing voice, and I think many people would agree (maturely hopefully) that you would rather see Opeth around for another 20 years rather than end abruptly if Akerfeldt lost his voice by age 40. I have discovered lots of bands because of Akerfeldt as well with the millions of interviews he has done over the years.

I want to give the Opeths, Dream Theaters, BTBAMS, Joe Satrianis and Jeff Becks of the whole world a better shot through exposure, conversation and promotion because we all know there are tons of bands that get so much of the limelight.  My goals are pure and dedicated to bringing great music and hard working artists to the forefront hopefully motivating more folks to dive into greater music and exploration of bands that aren’t on different satellite radios and different syndications that aren’t popular.


I am a guitarist of 20ish years of many styles.  I have written lots of music of different varieties and lately my instrumental band The Binomial Complex I had going that has gone through the ruffling of some feathers right before we were going to record our debut album. It will remain a studio project in the foreseeable future as my buddy moved to Ohio who was our drummer and the bassist quit shortly thereafter.  The two of us will record the album with some friends of mine who play guitar I  plan on having on some spots throughout the album. 2019 is looking as a foreseeable option for our album to being recording. I also have music for instrumental virtuoso music not just for rock and metal but progressive blues jazz and acoustic styles mixed in as well.  I also have this TMR business I want to start so I have a few things keeping me busy artistically until the Binomial Complex can record it’s debut. The B Complex is my most diversified music I have written since I decided a long time ago to be an artist, not a hobbyist.


I hope everyone that gets involved enjoys the website and my opinions not just as a music fan but artistically as well.  Now time for me to work on an article of my favorite releases of 2017.





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