Dysrhythmia is our August 2022 Artist Of The Month!

Dysrhythmia is our Artist of the Month for August this year! If you don’t know it’s a longtime band between Kevin and Colin of Gorguts, and man is it insane. They’ve gone on tour and is something I’d need to see live let alone their mainstay. It’s a heavy, dissonant and quirky band you’d expect out of their current/past bands. My personal favorite of their recent releases is 2016’s “Veil Of Control” but don’t sleep on their latest album from 2019 “Terminal Threshold”. Gorguts has been writing new music supposedly in follow up to “Pleiades’ Dust” while Colin has a lot of projects going on at once and is still producing a lot.

As usual I’m trying not to spoil too much for you and give you too much of a look into their sound, and let their music do the talking for them. I’m sure our followers know the band well enough but it’s always great to introduce people to new music, especially stuff that isn’t widely popular or recognized outside of its own realm. They’re a truly fantastic band. We’ll be putting up a song every day on our facebook page for you to check out to get you started on your journey, if you like the band (we’re hoping you do). Also blurbing we have a merch store and we’ll link it down below as well as their band page. Use code AUG22 for 30% off all month!




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