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Geoff Barone Is The TMR January 2022 Artist Of The Month!

I figured a local artist would be a great way to start the new year in 2022, and what better way with the highly underrated multi faceted Geoff Barone. The guy sings, plays keyboards, guitar, bass and produces (mixing and maybe mastering?). Simply put he does a lot and knows his way around a few instruments, and also showcases his musical diversity in his music library. He’s an experimental artist who never puts out the same album every time. He writes long songs, short songs, happy songs, sad songs….adds electronic music, guest vocalists and musicians…..and constantly comes up with all sorts of ideas. He recently released a two part concept album “The Forfeit King” the second half launching before Christmas. The second part is more catchier, straightforward and features a guest spot from musicians from “Space Junk Is Forever”.

Last year, he released a metal album “The Grim” and my personal favorite of his releases I’ve heard “The Darkest Of Summers” a sad electronic music effort. TDOS was loosely based on his time as a struggling artist in New York City and an awful time for him. He also has a huge prog effort “Acquiescience” (the first album i heard of his which is also great) with nearly 90 minutes of music. I’ve seen posts about him working on a rock opera for this year, and again proves why I enjoy his art and respect him he always has new ideas. Its tough to not repeat every effort and if you always have new ideas, you have to be very talented.

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