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Torturous Inception is November 2020’s Artist Of The Month!

If you love brutality and technicality, Torturous Inception brings a modern twist to both metal styles. They are one of the scene’s most underappreciated bands by far and their latest release from 2018 “Arcane Dominion” is my favorite album of theirs. They have gone lineup changes (one recently recruiting a new vocalist and drummer) and are working on new music. The guitar riffs are groovy, complex and wildly creative. The drumming and vocals have always been superb and this vast combination gives you everything you need in the form of an extreme metal band.

Our state of New York pumps out some of the best death metal and Torturous Inception is another valid proof of that claim. They keep chugging (pun intended) along with every obstacle thrown in their way and keep getting better with every release. If you’re unfamiliar with them, this is a good chance to familiarize yourself with their music. Check out our Facebook page for one new song every day and stay up to date with the band’s activity as well!

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