Voidthrone “Kur” Album Stream!


Dissonant black metal headbangers Voidthrone are set to release their second LP this upcoming Friday May 4th and have kindly given the world a taste of their upcoming release.  I have promoted these guys ever since I heard about them and damn, they’re pretty good. Shit, they’re opening up for the legendary SATRYICON in two weeks! These guys seriously bring the heat. I hope you enjoy the 24 minutes of insanity brought to you by Voidthrone.


Preorder the album on their band camp website before Friday’s release! I mean, why not for the measly $3 minimum? Oh, and band camp gives more of the money to the band and don’t take all the sales…..so it’s basically direct support. I have and even put forth a few more bucks for the dudes. Music ain’t free folks, support your favorite bands don’t steal their art….especially the smaller guys and unknowns or independents…..such as Voidthrone. Your support would truly mean a lot.



twitter- @VoidthroneBand




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