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Pathos And Logos release “Captains Of Industry”

Instrumental progressive duo Pathos & Logos have released another new track “Captains Of Industry”.  If you don’t know the guys, check out their tracks  “Mergers And Acquisitions” and “Black Budget”.  We have covered this great band before and have personally paid attention to when it seemed like Kyle (guitars and everything else) […]


Devin Townsend- Empath

One of my personal musical heroes Devin Townsend has released another masterpiece today “Empath”.  Sure he’s talented, has a great operatic and dynamic voice and has a unique approach to guitar.  What’s impressed me the most is when I discovered his solo music when Strapping Young Lad was around. Sure […]

Denis Shvarts- Dreamology

  Dark Matter Secret mastermind Denis Shvarts released his second solo effort “Dreamology”.  It’s a pretty different sound compared to his wildly technical instrumental band, but still has that trademark sound he’s achieved.  His first album “Through The Universe” came out in 2014, but the further I went into […]