A Moment With Ryan Schutte of Pound

Photo by: Ballard VOX

Have you noticed anything different about the world lately? Don’t answer because obviously you have. Wouldn’t it be nice to take your mind off of it for a few moments? Don’t answer that either because obviously you do and TMR’s got you covered!

One thing is certain in this time of unpredictability: it has been too damn long since the last TMR interview. Just before the most recent turn of events I had the pleasure of talking with math maestro Ryan Schutte of Washington’s experimental math-grind powerhouse: Pound, where we get down to the important topics such as gear, touring, facial hair.

Now normally these interviews are written, however this time around we went a different route and have a fully recorded interview for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

It goes without saying that in this critical time, our favorite bands and musicians are getting hit hard. For some this is their only income, which is why it’s more important than ever for you to show your support for these hard-working, talented individuals. Do yourself a favor and go buy both of Pound’s albums and whatever remaining merch they have in stock. Then immediately rinse repeat to the next band. Stay heavy and stay well everyone!

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