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Enblood Official Premiere Of “Cast To Exile” Guitar Playthrough

Enblood has released their wild guitar playthrough of the title track from their album “Cast To Exile”.  This technical death metal band has extraordinary talent, with the band’s guitarist Cesar and Joao.  Linus from Obscura makes a bass solo appearance in the track itself, if you were curious on how great […]

Equipoise release “Waking Divinity” Guitar and Bass Playthrough

It’s no secret to the metal world Nick doesn’t tour…..but his bandmates Phil Tougas (guitar) and Hugo Doyon-Karout (bass) have time to do an Equipoise playthrough of “Waking Divinity”!  You shouldn’t be shocked at the wizardly fret work of both players, always worth seeing such wild songs translated to a playthrough is always mesmerizing…..and that’s what these […]