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Interview: Jason Acquilano- Gutted Alive, 2019

After overcoming a pretty big setback last year, Rochester brutal death titans Gutted Alive are full steam ahead towards dropping one of the area’s nastiest albums. Headed to the studio today, guitarist Jason Acquilano was kind enough to let me inquire about what the future holds for the Gutted […]

Hugo Doyon-Karout 2019 Interview

Beyond Creation and Obscura are my Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden for Technical/Progressive/Experimental music, and can say helped influence the creation (HAR HAR) of my website.  It’s with immeasurable excitement to announce I have successfully interviewed bassist Hugo of Beyond Creation, Brought By Pain and Equipoise.  Enjoy the read people! I hope […]

A Novelist- Folie

Progressive Death Metal duo A Novelist is dropping their second album on February 8th and we have our opinion on the upcoming album, as well as an interview! The guys have put out a unique and unusual album….much more weirder than what can be expected out of progressive bands. […]

Interview: Contrarian, 2019

International prog/death Contrarian are about to release one of this year’s most outstanding albums. Project masterminds Brian Mason and Jim Tasikas were kind enough to allow me to pick their brains a bit about Their Worm Never Dies, the future of Contrarian, and, well, you’ll just have to […]